A visual network diagnostics tool that checks for connectivity issues



With VisualRoute, you can check if there are connectivity problems between two points on a network. This application includes different tools to do a comprehensive analysis of file transfers within the network.

There are four versions of VisualRoute that you can try out with this installation package. The simplest one is aimed at home users who want to check the status of an Internet connection, lookup the Whois for any domain, or locate any IP on the world map. The advanced edition lets you continuously check for connectivity issues, packet loss, and latency.

The business and professional support editions have two distinctive features absent from the previous ones: OmniPath, which lets you see all the paths to a destination network and the performance of each; and NetVU, a high-level view of all the network routes through a traceroute report (very useful if you need to identify network nodes shared by different routers).

The shared features in all editions of VisualRoute include the following operations: ping, Whois, traceroute, inverse DNS, and more. In addition, VisualRoute is compatible with IPV6 and can be used to check the connection of a remote computer.